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What does your username originate from?


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So, we have all reasons why we choose our Usernames, so what does your username mean to you?

I usually go by dddbliss, digibliss, or Digital. All a play on Digital Bliss, which is what I decided a looong time ago (in my early teens) best summed up my feeling about technology, originally I always wen't by digibliss, but as time went on, I chose to shorten it to dddbliss, often as short as ddd.

It has really just become a part of my online identity, if not an entirely unique one (there are few others who use the name occasionally online.)

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My username...hmm.. Aminirus..

To be honest, Aminirus was this imaginary horse I had when I was like... 10ish and even drew pics of it sometimes. Somewhere along the way though, after I grew out of that phase, I created a canine...ish.. character and also named it Aminirus. These days, Aminirus to me just means the beginnings of my creative mind, the start of adventures and dreams and of all the characters I've ever created who carried that name. 

Though my icon, that is Amual. I no longer have any actual pictures of the characters who carried the name Aminirus. I'd like to draw another, but... just haven't really figured out what it would be.. sorta like a reflection of my life right now. The day I figure out what Aminirus is could be the day I know what I meant to do and be.

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