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CelestialEquine: June Updates + more!


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June Updates + more!

Good afternoon, CE players!

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates with everyone. Today’s news post will cover an update to our custom orders, recently releases, auction updates, and our long awaited alliance feature!

Firstly we are thrilled to announce the return of one of our former artists, Sinn Akerri! She will be spearheading the backlog of custom genes, custom breeds, and wearable orders. Once we have a good chunk of their orders completed, we will open orders once again. Recolor orders are currently open for those of you antsy to get your hands on some recolors of your favorite genes!

Next up we have some beautiful new gene releases to share! The Gruele breed received a new set of horns, mane/tail, and body colors this month. Be sure to check out this breed in the creation area within the Ruins world! In addition to the available options on the Gruele, we also have extended colors available in item form in the Magic shop. As always, these items will only stock throughout the month of June! Grab these pretties while you can!


We have also released fantastic *sparkly* genes in the Cash Shop. The Sekhmet line of genes have also returned from last year! These genes will be available for purchase throughout the month of June as well.



We now have a mermaid theme breed auction live in the forums! This breed includes 3 ear types (deco), 3 mane/tail varieties, 3 wings, 4 body colors, 4 hoof varieties, 3 body markings, and 5 eyes! Check out this auction here for more previews and information. https://celestialequine.com/viewpost?id=19936


Lastly, we are in the final phase of testing our Alliance feature! We ran into a few bumps during testing which has causing us to push back the release date. As we previously teased, this feature will allow players to “lure” and capture wild horses with the potential of carrying cash shop genes and fun mixes of your standard CE genes! We are aiming to wrap up this feature by this coming Friday - be on the lookout for an update upon its release!

Thank you all for reading! Happy gaming!

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