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Wajas: Tuesday Morning News


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Good morning folks! Just some quick notes on this fine Tuesday morning. We hope you're all having a wonderful one. Watermelon added to Leaf Exchange. - thank you Sparra. Dyes added to the following shops: Dye Chin Spot Fade - Leaf Exchange Dye Soft Eye Liner - Leaf Exchange Dye Large Dorsal Fade - Dye Shop Dye Small Dorsal Fade - Dye Shop Dye Hindsight Fade - Dye Shop Dye Spotted Dorsal - Mystery Dye Dye Dorsal Cross - Mstyery Dye Dye Side Stripe Lines - Dye Shop Thank you Sparra for all these awesome dyes! Last but certainly not least, a new fella has entered the ranks of the Wajas Park NPCs. May I introduce: Li'l Tuff Pebbles, the Pebble Peddler . We're still learning about him, but the basic information we have is: He'd always had an interest in rocks, but what really sprung him into collecting them was the destruction of the first Waja Park and, with it, the appearance of the strange Smolder Boulder. Ever since, he has been scouri

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