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Lythbound: Terms of Service Update


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New Agreement System

You may have noticed that before you could interact with the rest of the site, you had to agree to the new Terms of Service changes. This is a new system in place that will ensure everyone still agrees with and is aware of the current website policies. This update has been shown to everyone, so please be aware that no one is seeing it due to being in trouble!

Overview of Terms of Service Changes

Free characters may now have value added on! This works just as it does with Lythians that already have a USD value. Commissioned and personal artwork may now add value to a Lythian's design, even those with no original value due to being obtained for free. Due to this new change, Lythian and Companion profiles have been slightly adjusted to reflect this! Lythians who were originally bought with real life money are now labeled as "Purchased", while Lythians who were originally obtained through free methods (Loonoles, tutorial MYO, prompts, etc) are now labeled as "Unpaid," signifying how the character originated.
- Scalping practices are still forbidden by the Terms of Service.

For clarification: Gems, Loonoles, and Items may not be resold for Real Currency. This includes ones bought with USD.

"Unofficial" characters are no longer discouraged by the Terms! At Lythbound, we treat unofficial Lythians like fan characters or "fakemon". As a result, we no longer associate with the "closed species" label and have removed any traces mentioning Lythians as such. Affiliate species such as Fuwa Bozu still follow their own additional rules, however (and may be referred to as "closed"). Additionally, attempting to trade or sell users "unofficial Lythians" under the guise that they are "official" will be treated as scamming.
- "Official," for the purposes of the Terms of Service, is defined as being listed on the character index.

Clarification on our Right to Refuse Service. We want Lythbound to be a safe experience for everyone, including oppressed and vulnerable communities! We hope that this clarification will allow our community to feel welcome and safe.

As always, please read our Terms of Service for full details on these changes.

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