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Lythbound: Wiki, Site Updates, Email 2FA, and New Items


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Lythbound Wiki

The Lythbound Wiki is now available and seeking editors! If you’ve ever been curious about a specific item, species, pet, or companion, the Lythbound wiki is now here to answer all your Lythbound lore needs. It might look a little empty right now, which is why we’re seeking some hardcore Lyth-heads to help us add and edit pages!

Site Updates

- 2FA is now available via email! Simply head over to your account settings and click the tab that reads “Two-Factor Auth” to get started. If you already have 2FA enabled via smart device, you may add email 2FA in addition to smart device 2FA and both will be applied.

- Selecting a Lythian for ARPG submissions or attaching inventory items is now easier! You may now search for Lythians by their set name, along with their masterlist ID number.

- Companion profiles have received a revamp! Click on one of your companions' profiles and you’ll find we’ve updated their pages to better match playable Lythians. That includes brand new pronoun and gift writing fields you can apply to your Lythians’ little pals!
 - Additionally, the companion transfer cooldown has been lowered to 1 week (previously 2 weeks).

New Items

771.png 770.png

Some players may have noticed certain MYO tickets for both companions and playable species may look a bit different! These new gem tickets, unlike regular MYO tickets, can be traded or gifted to other players and are obtainable via Thistle’s Gem shop. Please note that, like normal MYO tickets, the items themselves can only be traded/gifted and cannot be sold for real currency!


The Igroven Lythian frame is now available via general (non-familiarity) Igroven realm quests! Rumor has it this frame is pretty rare though, so it may take a few tries to get it…

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