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Canada: British Columbians Elects What Could be the First Minority Government since 1952.


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I'm not sure how many of you guys are Canadians or follow provincial election news but we just had our general election yesterday in British Columbia. :)

I don't want to share my political views, but this is certainly super fascinating for myself (and maybe others on this forum). There's certainly a geographical divide between parties, but it looks like we're going to have a government that needs to work with each other to pass legislation. The absentee votes haven't been counted yet so we'll have to see if anything changes. 

I find the following details rather fascinating: 

  • This could be our first minority government since 1952 - about 60 years ago. Wow.
  • A party (that doesn't even have official party status yet) with only three elected MLAs may hold the most power in the legislative assembly. Who would've thought?
  • The riding Courtnay-Comox had just nine votes separating one party from another. Nine votes made all the difference (but now there's going to be a recount + absentee counts so we'll have to see how that goes in the next few weeks). 
  • There are still many absentee votes that haven't been counted yet that could swing a minority into a majority depending on some ridings.
  • Some high profile Ministers had been unseated, so we'll have to see who replaces them & whether they're going to be better or worse 
  • Voter turnout was around 56% this time? I think? I need to check the numbers. But I saw a lot of younger folks voting when I went. 
  • Lots of reoccuring themes and major issues that were highlighted certain regions over the other. Probably a lot to disseminate there. 
  • The leading party kept flipping ALL NIGHT last night as we watched the news. It was definitely a really exciting election to watch.

I'm usually not a political geek but last night's results are sure fascinating. I'm excited to see what will come over the next few weeks. 

Thought I'd start a thread about this if anyone wants to discuss or anything. :) 

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