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CelestialEquine: Retirement Barn Trading


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Retirement Barn Trading

It has recently come to our attention that players are trading retirement barns which then will be unusable by the player who accepts the trade. This will be considered cheating/scamming and will be treated accordingly. 

Going forward anyone found to be trading retirement barns will get one warning. If it happens a second time the player will be permanently banned from the game. This is not something that we will tolerate. 

This has been updated in the game rules as of 4/24/22.

Game Exploitations

  1. If a bug is found, please report it immediately. Any player found exploiting a bug will be banned from the game.
  2. Do not trade retirement barns. The player that it is traded to will not be able to use it. Any players found trading retirement barns will get one warning. If found to be a repeat offender will be banned from the game.

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