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Wajas: Breeding Contest and Event Reminders


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Hello! I hope everyone is having fun with the spring event so far. I'm mainly here to bring you some more info about the Breeding Contest , but there are some other important notes at the end. I want to remind everyone that your goal is to breed in a marking while maintaining the rooster markings (Feathers Filling and Feathers Lacing) and Rooster Tail. As in, you should be breeding a rooster to a waja with other markings and then working on strengthening the new markings/rooster markings. You should not be breeding your rooster to other roosters and hoping for a random marking to appear. If you made no effort to breed in a marking, your entry will be disqualified. We understand that this breeding challenge may seem hard, but the staff are also trying it alongside you! If you have bred your Rooster to another Rooster to try and up the stats or try to get a certain color before you start working on breeding in your markings, that is fine. But remember you only have a litt

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