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Call for Community Leaders


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So, in the spirit of trying to drive things towards a more fun and positive way, I want to put out several things I have had in mind for TGL, and even better, I want to see if anyone here is interested in taking charge of implementing some of them. As always I am open to accepting new community based ideas in our Forum Suggestions forum, just suggest.

I am calling for a few volunteers who are interested in taking and running with the following small tasks:

  • Reaching out to game owners for interviews (a few a week, mostly coordination, followup)
  • Contest or competition organizers to provide a more engaging and fun forum experience.
  • General section leaders (help bring in some more discussions in different forums)

These are volunteer positions, I have no expectation on time requirements, or expectations except some form of effort. I am not remotely a slave driver and completely respect time restraints. These roles are all valuable for the community as a whole, and allow us to continue and grow in ways that myself and @The Dark Lord cannot do alone.

If interested, please shoot me a PM :) 

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