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Lythbound: Bookmarks, Site Updates, GA Event Sign-Up


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Bookmark Navigation Bar

A new navigation option has been added to the bottom right of all site pages. This navigation bar will display unique bookmarks that you choose to display.

Bookmarks can be added via this settings page.

Additionally, the bookmarks bar can be hidden completely via your account settings page.

Site Updates

- Pronouns can now be added to Lythians via the "Edit Profile" button. Pronouns will appear on that Lythian's profile as well as posts made "in character" on the forums.

- A "pin" function has been added to blogs, allowing you to pin your blog posts to the top of your blogs list so they are the first ones that will be seen when viewing all your blogs.

- Mass-changing certain Lythian settings has been moved to its own page in Account Settings and new breeding/art visibility settings have been added.

- Nitpickis have a new setting on their "Edit Profile" options, allowing their collection to be displayed in their information.

- Discord authentication has been added. The ability to add the Player role automatically has also been integrated into the site.

Summer Sales Event Sign-Up

Sign ups end: April 21, 2022 23:59:59

We are seeking guest artists for a Summer [redacted]-themed sales event, to be posted in June/July (redacted theme will be revealed to accepted participants).
This will be an advent event, where designs are posted in sequence on certain days, as flat sales, auctions, or flat sale raffles. Please sign up if you would be interested in participating and completing 1 playable species design (and 1 optional companion design) by a deadline of May 31, 2022.

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