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SpyroEdit 2.0


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Not sure if this belongs somewhere else because it's about a hacking tool for a console game, but needs to be run on a PC.

Has anyone heard about SpyroEdit 2.0? =o It just came out and is wicked cool! For anyone who's an old school Spyro fan, this is awesome! Whether you're into hacking and modifying games or not, watching videos of all the cool stuff you can do is a blast. 

Not only does is allow you to easily edit textures, you can modify the geometry of levels. Spyro has a 'new move' that is basically a head bash that causes the terrain to be warped. He also has a barrel rolling ability and more.

Without further ado... I give you *drumroll*... 


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This is really cool! Thanks for sharing. I never played the old Spyro games, but I love messing around with things like this, because it can result in some good laughs. I also like that there's a skateboard. That seems fun to use as well. I will put this on my to-play list.

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