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IcePets.com: New Finds in the Raffle Store


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For years, the owner of the Raffle Store has been a pretty reserved fellow. Not much has been known about him, and the prizes in his shop have remained rather static -- until today, that is!

After years of sporting the same look, Felix, the notable Rave Ridix who runs the weekly raffle, has gotten a brand new makeover. Head over to the Raffle Store to see it in person!

Felix Plush Raffle Visor Felix Stamp
All About Raffles Marshmallows and Stars Rave Leg Warmers

Felix has also freshened up some of the prizes from his Raffle Store. The Felix Plush (formerly Raffle NPC Plush), Raffle Visor (previously Raffle Guy Visor), Felix Stamp (previously Raffle NPC Stamp), All About Raffles, and the Marshmallows and Stars have all received a brand new look. In addition, he's changed the I Heart Ticket Hat and replaced it with the new Rave Leg Warmers.

Raviken Sabreve
Rave Glasses Felix Facts

That's not all! After freshening up some old classics, Felix only found it appropriate to roll out some new additions as well.

Starting today, you can purchase two adorable Companions with your old tickets -- the Raviken and the Sabreve! And if you're looking to update your wardrobe with some rave-appropriate accessories, the Rave Glasses are available as well. Finally, if you've been wanting to learn a little more about Felix, you can pick up his new autobiography called Felix Facts!

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