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Few minor staff and forum changes


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Just to let the community know, a few small staff changes have happened. @Callum is now a Writer, and no longer a Community Leader. @SingSong has also decided to step down as a Community Leader as well for the time being.

They have both been incredibly helpful, and both are wonderful members here, and I am grateful for all their hard work and input.

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I have decided to do some forum merging to keep things simple, none of the changes should cause any large amount of confusion. You will find that sub-forums that used to exist are now merged. The reason is that a lot of a sub-forums never provided value, and I felt that combining them together allows clarity. It also reduces confusion on where to post :) 

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To continue the small changes, some will notice a slight tweak to the font style on the forums. If you feel you are having trouble with the new font, please let me know and I can adjust it further.

Also, the avatars have been rounded, some like this, others do not, I can revert if needed.

Also, you will notice our forum icons are a little more appropriate to the forums that they represent.

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