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Pocket Puma Pets: Poll #2 - Please Vote!


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To our amazing community,

We come to you again to hear your voice & get your opinions. We have so many wonderful merchandise ideas coming down the pipe line; however, we are running into the real world problem that not every merch hosting site offers the same products (or the same quality). So, we have a bit of a dilemma...

As you know we currently have merch hosted on 2 sites:
Spring & Spreadshirt

We want to not only offer the absolute best in quality, but also give you guys a variety of merch including many of the things you guys specifically said you were wanting in the last poll! After all it is you, our wonderful community, that will be purchasing these goodies!

So now here is the question: Are you guys happy with our current merch setup? Would you prefer it only be in one shop location? Are you fine with multiple options? Do you have other thoughts or suggestions?

Please follow the link below to vote in this NEW poll & let us know your thoughts!

Click Here to VOTE

All voters will receive 50,000pp for voting! Be sure to enter your P3 Name & ID number in the poll! And remember a portion of the proceeds from all merch sales go to fund future P3 projects! Thank you all for your support!


~Sahryd (Your humble merch servant)

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