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IcePets.com: Amourok Card Contest Winners Revealed!


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After a long night of counting votes, the winners of the Amourok Card Contest have finally been chosen! Each and every submission was truly worthy of a prize, but only three carefully-crafted cards will be declared the winners.


Third place goes to @MarkiArts! Excellent job! You will receive:

-A Bronze Contestant Trophy
-A Fire or Ice Snow Jar (randomly picked)
-1 random Heart Breaker 2022 prize
-75,000 IcePoints


Second place goes to @WidgetWings! Amazing work! You will receive:

-A Silver Contestant Trophy
-A Fire or Ice Snow Jar (Your choice - please submit a Support Ticket with your choice!)
-1 random Heart Breaker 2022 prize
-100,000 IcePoints


And finally, first place goes to.... @Silvy! Congratulations! You will receive:

-A Gold Contestant Trophy
-Golden Competitor Stamp
-A Fire and Ice Snow Jar
-1 random Heart Breaker 2022 prize
-150,000 IcePoints

Gold Contestant TrophySilver Contestant Trophy Bronze Trophy

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Amourok Contest! We hope to see even more amazing creations in the years to come!


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