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IcePets.com: Amourok Wraps Up!


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Ice Sharshel Amourok Plush Ice Ridix Amourok Plush Fire Dovu Amourok Plush Fire Zabeu Amourok Plush

After weeks of celebration and collecting hearts, Amourok has finally reached its conclusion. So if you haven't already begun, it may be time to start putting your decorations and unused Amourok items into storage! Starting today, you can expect to see a lot of shopkeepers packing their Amourok-themed products away until next year. In addition, Heart Breaker will now be closed for the season.

As things begin wrapping up, you probably have one question on your mind: which team won this year's Amourok Battle of the Colours? Did the fiery and passionate Fire Pets reign supreme, or did the ancient and mysterious Ice Pets claim the throne? There's only one way to find out--head on over to the event page to see if your team has won!

Gold Ice Competitor Trophy Gold Fire Competitor Trophy

Everyone on the winning team will receive a shiny new trophy. In addition, users who contributed the most may be eligible for some special prizes! But you'll only get these prizes if you click over to the Amourok event page, so make sure you don't forget!

Golden Competitor Stamp

While Helia and Cypress are grateful for everyone's hard work, they felt that a few of their teammates were deserving of some special recognition. As a result, we're awarding some Golden Competitor Stamps to our top five team players this year! Congratulations to:

1. @Nati
2. @Fearless
3. @Read
4. @Travis
5. @Sunlexor

Flaming Charcoal Coin Amourok Annual 2022 Frosty Flower

Even if your team didn't win, your hard-earned points won't be going to waste. Head on over to the Amourok Store, which will be carrying some brand new Amourok-themed items! This shop is open year-round, though, so you can take plenty of time to mull over your purchases.

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