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Atrocity: --New pet species!--other things 2-22-22


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Hello again everyone! Remember how I told you I was working on stuff? well I still am. XD

Welcome back page Edits/fixes

--1.  There are now Login rewards- depending on how many times a week you login!

2. You can also now collect the items needed to create Valentines untill the end of the month!
 Crayon box + Craft supplies+ Lovely envelope+ Construction paper+ Craft box = valentine!

Still working on making you able to directly send them on a users profile- but until then you can use the gift others page.
Communicate->gift others
Oakley would be glad to help you out!

--Also fixed the send item bug on the gift others page---

---New users no longer get an error on the welcome back page. And theres also now a reminder to adopt a pet/set a fave pet.

---you can now see how many public trades there are- and click to go directly to them

--you can also now see how many pets are in the pound.


New Species

After a bunch of trial and error and so much frusteration - there is now a new pet species to adopt- The ROUNCEY.
You can find them below the Planteras in the adoption center-
I also added a bunch of markings and bodies since I cant really work on actual addons..Heres the list lol some cant be aquired until their respective holiday however.. D = Dominant, R= recessive


ampersand butt - D
candy butt - D
chess butt -R
 valentines crayonhearts -R
 double note butt -R
note butt -D
drawn floral -R
fireblaze 1 -R
flowerlace -D
halloween horror1 -R
pocketwatch butt - R
halloween pumpkin strip -R
shining 1 -R
sparkle lace -D
sparkle squares -R
stipple star -R
vegetable vine - D


butterfly lace- R
camoflauge - D
flower glitter-R
glitter snow-R
hawaiian flower-D
valentines heart pop-D
valentines heartlace curtain-R
halloween horror 1- R
motherboard 1- D
motherboard 2- R
polkadot- D
sparkle sky- R
star lace-R
tribal 1- D
warped paint- R

 New enemy encounters-

All pets now have a chance to run into enemies- Either the Dragonsnake, Angry snowman, Cloudfox, Happy Ghost, or Sad Ghost. There are more to add- I just needed a break. And no, this isnt the Robust huge features ive promised for years with battling (still waiting on that) this is something to hopefully tide you all over until its done. ^^ The fight layout is the same as when battling regularly- just with different enemies and drops to aquire.


Thats all ive got this round <3

Till next time!



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