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Keepers of Eniv Big Romantic Update


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We have a very large update today! 

At least, we have a very large companion to start the update off with.

Do you find yourself attracting a vast amount of Kite Goldies when fishing? Well, it could be a sign from a higher being.
The Grand Royal Kitefish and Grand Dream Kitefish will join your Enivi if you can collect 100 Kite Goldies (each). 
These giant companions can be obtained via crafting. To give some perspective;



We expect more variations of these will show themselves soon.

Happy Fishing!


The Lovely base color has been added to our Art Packs for easy use.
Your Enivi can now be a wonderful shade of pink. You'll just need to use a color-change potion to make it happen.
We've also pre-made Appaloosa, Tiger Stripes, Pangare, and Badger Mask in the new, Lovely color.



We've added the beautiful Pearl Necklace accessory for your Enivi's fancy night out.
It comes in four variations; 
Pearl Necklace, Pink Pearl Necklace, Rainbow Pearl Necklace, and Black Pearl Necklace. 
These can all be found in our Art Packs, and will restock in the Unique Boutique!

<a href="https://www.keepersofeniv.com/world/items?name=Pearl Necklace" class="display-item">Pearl Necklace</a><a href="https://www.keepersofeniv.com/world/items?name=Pink Pearl Necklace" class="display-item">Pink Pearl Necklace</a><a href="https://www.keepersofeniv.com/world/items?name=Rainbow Pearl Necklace" class="display-item">Rainbow Pearl Necklace</a><a href="https://www.keepersofeniv.com/world/items?name=Black Pearl Necklace" class="display-item">Black Pearl Necklace</a>


For the rest of the month the Lovely My Sweet Enivi can be grabbed for your collection!

<a href="https://www.keepersofeniv.com/world/items?name=Lovely MSE" class="display-item">Lovely MSE</a>

Lovely MSE will be found randomly in Sophie's Shoppe. Add them to your collection while you can!


Swan Wings have been added to the game and art packs. 
You'll be able to get Swan Wings through a variety of Prompts and through Mysterious Slime (which you can earn randomly through racing and exploring).

They're a very romantic touch for your Enivi.

<a href="https://www.keepersofeniv.com/world/items?name=Swan Wings" class="display-item">Swan Wings</a>


Finally, a few smaller site updates we've made this week;

  • All items that need to be opened for use now have a small open chest in their icon. The exception is the Gachapon capsules. 
  • We've removed common base applicators as they served little purpose. If you had one in your inventory, we've replaced it with a Color Change Potion.
  • We've added a variety of emojis to the Discord server.
  • We'll begin hosting Flash Prompts on the Discord server this week. Be sure to check it out!
  • Want to know what's coming next? Check out our Patreon!


Not a member of Keepers of Eniv? Check us out at KeepersofEniv.com!

Keepers of Eniv is a fantasy ARPG meets SIM game. Create your first Enivi using our art packs, then grow them through a series of art prompts, customize them with our easy to use items, markings, and traits, and meet new friends in our active and inviting community. We can't wait to see you there!

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