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Lythbound: For the Inamorate 2022


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For the Inamorate has returned!

682.png  681.png 679.png

The event index has been added to site navigation and contains prompts for some very special rewards, including a crossbreed baby MYO, new pets, and a new frame. Lubina has also added old AND new seasonal pets back into her shop until the event ends, at which point their availability will also end.

98.png 94.png 96.png

Prompts and special shop stock will be available until March 15, 2022 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time!

Cupid's Letters Reminder


Cupids Helpers will no longer be accepting letters after February 17, 2020 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time! Be sure to submit your letters before then!

Baby Crossbreeds Return


The Gem Shop has readded stock of MYO Baby Crossbreed Tickets, available for 1500 Gems. These will only be available until  March 15, 2022 @ 23:59:59 Eastern Time, at which point they will be gone until Lyara deems fit to grant more stock in the future.

MYO Baby Crossbreed Tickets can be used to create a baby "Make Your Own" or MYO crossbreed.
- Must be based on 2 other existing non-crossbreed characters (one character may belong to someone else if you have explicit permission to use them).
- Please specify these characters in "Additional Notes" of the MYO form on submission.
Remember that you can also obtain a ticket by completing event prompts!

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