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Favorite RPG game story?


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So not specific to necessarily to PC but what is your favorite story in a RPG game? I'd have to say that the favorite RPG game that I have played would have to be Final Fantasy VIII as I felt the speed and pacing was fun and quick and moving.

What RPG stories have captured you over the years?

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I quite liked the storyline from Shivering Isles in Oblivion. It was a little dragged out towards the end but just being in the realm of madness was so much fun and sheograth is just so twisted!

That being said the Dawn guard stor line from Skyrim as well as the Thieves Guild were a lot of fun too. @Digital

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Chrono Trigger is probably my favorite RPG storyline of all time. Radiant Historia and Dragon Age Origins (despite it's abundant tropes and cliches) are close seconds though. I highly recommend them to anyone who hasn't had a chance to to check them out before.

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