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CelestialEquine: January Updates and more!


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January Updates and more!

Happy new year! We are thrilled to bring in the new year with a fun lineup of updates, releases, and development plans. Keep reading to learn more!

Firstly - its time to announce our new breed recently released into the Kingdom world! Each month we select a special world to add/expand current genes, but it was certainly time for an even bigger release to celebrate the new year. The Nuvara breed features beautiful sparkly genes paired with classic royal horns. Scoot on over to the Kingdom World to create your own today!

In addition to this new breed, we have also released expanded colors into the Magic Shop. This release included over 60 genes converted into items - wow! Let us know what you think about this breed in the comments.


Next up, cash shop releases! The Euphrasia line of genes are absolutely stunning and include a mane/tail set, horns, and a really fun traveler deco gene. These genes can all be found in the item section of the Cash Shop and in package for in the Spotlight Event section of the Cash Shop. Who is ready to start collecting some fancy genes?


He also have a brand-new gene auction live in the forums. Check it out here!


Onto development! We are still hard at work prepping our alliance feature for release. Here is a fun teaser picture for those of you itching for spoilers - we are hoping to release this feature around mid-January depending on how testing goes. This is a very involved feature but is sure to be a player favorite!


Lastly, for those of you who love to collect enamel pins - we have a new line of enamel pins in the works and will be launching via Kickstarter in about 10 days! Click here to view the campaign and sign up to be alerted upon launch!


Thank you all for reading! Happy gaming!

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