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Atrocity: christmas/snowbaron/other things!


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Sorry for the late news post folks! I was busy fixing issues and stuff before I formally wanted to say anything! So Here we go! its not a super long post but theres some info here anyway!

Theres a new boss till the end of the month- SNOWBARON- Make sure you fight him to help everyone defeat him so we can all get prizes!


Jingle is also back to help everyone celebrate christmas! He'll only be here till The end of december so you'd better get on those awesome prizes and collect your stockings!


I also know there is an issue with closets right now- we are working to fix them- I apologize.. for now if you get an error with the original closet you can use the working but slightly buggy closet2 I do apologize for the trouble... its being worked on I promise

There are also new Pet genetics you can get while snowbaron is around to fight (mind you the time he is here may change at later date but they will always be connected to when snowbaron appears to fight)


There was an issue with User shops but those should be working correctly now.

Thats all I currently have for updates! Again sorry this is being done halfway into the month XD I had to fix problems first.

~Till next time

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