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Wajas: Warnings, Misc notes, Coloring Contest, and more?


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Warning Page: We've added a new area to the side bar called the Warning Page . Going here, you can see any Reminders or Warnings that were made to your account. Please remember, Reminders are merely that, reminders. No punishment, fine, etc has been given to your account. Mistakes happen, and we understand that, but we still have to send out a reminder referring back to the rules. Getting a reminder is not the end of the world, nor does it mean that the staff has anything against you / is targeting you. It merely means you need to refamiliarize yourself with the rules and ToS and be more careful in the future. Warnings are more serious matters, and mean that you have committed an infraction multiple times (or you did something so bad that we've skipped reminders and went straight to a warning, while few and far between, this can happen on a case by case basis). Basically the same expectations apply, refer back to the rules, change the behaviour, and carry on

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