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Wajas: Rule Reminders.


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Good evening everyone, I know we've had a lot of rule news posts in the last few days, however with all the excitement coming up for the holidays, we'd like to address a few things. This will be the official warning for everyone, and anything found after this may be subject to following the normal course of warnings / punishments listed in the Warning Ladder library page. All Rules and our TOS are still in effect even with the holidays. If you haven't looked over these rules in recent weeks, please refamiliarize yourself with them. Beyond these, some general things we have noted over the last few days that need addressing are: - Be aware that if need be staff can see who sends the anonymous gifts for the Gifting Tree. Just because it is anonymous, does not allow for any cruel, disturbing, or gross notes. Remember that this is a pg-13 site and all content must be safe for a child to read or see. - Begging, guilt tripping, and making passive aggressive statement

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