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Average price of HTML5 games?


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Hi, everyone. This topic recently came up for discussion with a couple people I know.


How much do HTML5 games go for? I'd like to hear the opinions of both sellers and buyers.


As far as base prices go, what would you consider for these types of games?

A sidescrolling platformer?

A match game?

A snake game?

A match-three game like Bejeweled?

A memory/Simon Says game?

A game like Bubble Witch?


Obviously, the more complex a game is the higher the price would be.


If you were to instead pay for time, how much would you say is reasonable to pay hourly to an HTML5 game programmer?


As an HTML5 game programmer, do you think it's more profitable to sell unique game scripts to individual people or to sell licenses for a game to multiple people for slightly less money?

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