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Lythbound: Secret Santa Reminder, December Patreon Bonus, Other Updates


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December Patreon Bonus

Patreon supporters who join the Patreon before December 1st will have the opportunity to receive bonus gems from visiting the upcoming Advent Calendar in December, in addition to their usual rewards.

The Advent Calendar will be open for 25 days starting December 1st and Patreon supporters who support before December 1st for December will receive gems each day they visit, based on their tier (regular monthly gems will also be sent out at the beginning of the month)!
- $2 tier - 8 gems per visit
- $5 tier - 20 gems per visit
- $10 tier - 40 gems per visit

This means you have the potential to get up to 200/500/1000 bonus gems in December, depending on your support tier, and assuming you visit the Advent Calendar every day!

Secret Santa Sign-Ups Ending Soon!


The Secret Santa exchange sign-ups will be closing soon! Please visit the page for full information and the sign up form! Sign-ups close November 25, 2021 23:59:59 EST!

Other Updates

- The Pet MYO form has received some major backend and minor frontend updates. With this update, going forward, all updates to existing custom pets have the following new rules:
1. To update an existing MYO pet, you must currently own the pet and be the pet's creator.
2. The corresponding item (Toy Soap, Little Carrot, or Tea Bag) is now always required when creating a new pet or updating any existing one. (Previously was not required when updating flavor text.)

- Someone's journal has appeared somewhere on the site...

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