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CelestialEquine: December Previews & Updates!


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December Previews & Updates!

Good evening, CE players! Today’s news post will cover a few exciting pending releases, development updates, and an update regarding our successful Kickstarter campaign!

Release Teasers

We have just wrapped up prepping our beautiful December releases and a thrilled to share some previews! The Tundra World received lots of attention this month, specifically our CE Original Breed - The Kline!


These genes will be available on the Kline breed on December 1! In addition to the versions available on the Kline - we will also release additional color variations into the Magic Shop. Who is excited for new frozen genes? I know we are!

We also have some beautiful Cash Shop releases ready for release on December 1. Check out these previews! Our 2020 December genes will also re-release at this time, including the spotlight packages and Magic Shop genes!

Development Updates

Now that was have completed our admin related updates, we are turning our focus back to game side. We will begin working on the Alliances in the next coming weeks, which will be our last major area of construction! For those of you wondering what will be introduced through the Alliances - here’s two clues.

1. World Coins will be utilized
2. Alliances will involve horse creation in some fashion

Start hoarding those world coins! This feature is our favorite yet!

Kickstarter Updates

For those of you who followed our Kickstarter campaign, we have finally gotten word that the books have made it to the port! We are expecting the books to arrive December 1st and will ship by the end of that week. Interested in getting your own copy? You can snag your own from the official Celestial Equine Etsy Shop!


Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more updates!

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