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IcePets.com: Ready To Share Some Crafts?


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Painters Palette Chefs Hat Half-Knitted Scarf

It's no secret that Terrafrost is home to some creative individuals -- whether cooking up some delicious meals, stitching together some love-filled plushies or writing tales filled with wonder and suspense, there's no shortage to the different types of inventive works that can be found! The level of your skill is not important, so long as you put your heart into your creations. Though the creative spirit works all year round, Terrafrost has come to use this time of year as a period to celebrate all the wonderful creators their world has to offer. With the changing seasons and the much-anticipated Aurestal peeking around the corner, these festivities are used as a time to both create and support the creations of the community around you! Though nameless at first, over the years this small celebration has come to be known as Craftshare!

Heart Pancakes Makoat Meal Mac N Cheese Meal

Craftshare is always noted by an uptick in Terrafrost's creative community! Pets are often known to let their creativity run wild and share said creativity with those around them, whether it's by drawing a picture for a friend, knitting a sweater for a stranger, or creating a wood carving for their community. All forms of creation are welcome, and the resounding artistic atmosphere often serves to inspire one another even further. That's not all! At the very end of this festival, Pets all across Terrafrost will gather with their loved ones for a big potluck. As they dine on sweet and savory dishes, they'll share their creations with one another.

Snow Participation Trophy Token Bag

Do you want to join in on the festivities of Craftshare? It's super easy! In the comments section below, tell us about what you like to create. Any type of creation is allowed, so long as it follows the community guidelines. Sculpting, cooking, woodworking, songwriting -- don't hesitate to share your passions with your fellow Terrafrostians! You may also include examples of your work if you'd like, perhaps it'll even inspire another!

Everyone who participates before November 25th, 23:59:59 will receive a Snow Participation Trophy as well as a Token Bag. Prizes will be sent out shortly after the contest ends.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to let your creativity shine!

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