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Sensipets: The Spooky Season isn't over yet!


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Gooood morning SensiFolks!

I hope everyone had a scary Halloween ? and received lots of goodies yesterday (both online and IRL).

Today is starting off with a bit of a fright!

Dr. Tommi is looking for some help with observing some new pet species she has found. They are limited, but she is working with Cy to find more. Please welcome the Skorren and the Kumikit.

62c10c1c14145c8c4133b29bf95a509a.png?t=1 6e3eb1de50f479bb2aa008580b2a1cee.png?t=1

They are also making progress on their new wearable to assist with harvesting the energy of Aegis to find new species!

It also seems that Jacques, Ophi, and Emilio are all celebrating Día de los Muertos.

Get some tasty treat, and learn a bit more about the celebration today!

afdd4fc7d12966ef66a44b487c79f5a3.png?t=1 16e57733383ba704e56bfc74d7d449bb.png?t=1 2301264ea2d5aefad9e029bc90a3c51b.png?t=1


Howey & Heffrad

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