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Atrocity: Halloween end- some minor updates/fixes/changes


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Well my darlings its the end of halloween and the bakeneko have wandered back to their shrine- they gave up too many items to you all and need to replenish their inventory for next year!

There are quite a few little things/big things I've changed!

--- The raffle now works on its own, it ends every sunday.. and starts that same day. So check back and try to win big and put your money in the prize pool.

--The memorial pet issue is partially fixed.. they still wont appear correctly in manage or my adopts- but they DO appear on your profile... needs more tweaking

----AGEup points are now called EXP. And Catari, hounda and Feesh can go up to level 20. Its no longer called AGE.
If this happens (see image) It will catch up-and be fine- just refresh a few times.

--The battle training now takes health and mood away, Health and mood reset every day. And you can also earn EXP from winning fights.

---There are now Healing dews in Potters Potions to heal your pet


--Your houses bedroom, bathroom and kitchen now refill some of your pets health, mood, and energy as well. And theres a message when they're Full.

(This image was taken before I added in Energy)

---The paw gem store is now open- For now you get to it by going through the rainbow bridge shop.

----User Cheba the smol bee made some new shirts and pants for in shirttastic and pants and such!


---Made the words when you get a drop bigger cuz you couldnt really see them before!

--On the front page it now says EXP instead of clicks and now also shows that pets level

---I fixed the annoying Layout for new users and top users

---There is now a working mood progress bar-

Thats really all the actual updates I have right now- we are still working on the other big things- and have added an onsite stock market to the mix! hahaha... we just keep piling on the features to do dont we?

Either way thanks for sticking with us!

~Till next time!

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