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Sensipets: Are you spooked!?


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Ghoul Afternoon SensiFriends!

Here to bring you some updates that have been occurring around the site!

Search Is Here!

The long awaited search feature is finally here! Cherry is here to help you find friends, pets, or items that you may be looking for around Aegis!

Inventory/Vault Updates

Per the latest news poll, some changes have occurred with inventory and vault. You can no longer drag-and-drop or manually sort items ? BUT items are now stacked, they are sorted by name, and now you can mass-move items all around! Additionally you can now Feed and Play with your pet from the My Pets screen!

Forum Tweaks

Quite a few bugs and inconveniences have been squashed! Additionally you can now link users using the @ symbol (ex: Howey) , pets using the ~ symbol (ex: Sneaky), and even items using the # symbol (ex: Creepy Goodie Bag). We're continuing to look at quality-of-life improvements in this area to make it easier to communicate and share on the forums! Keep an eye out for image upload changes coming soon!

Spooky Season

We continue to celebrate the spookiest season of all, and preparing for some other seasons too! For those that may not have seen, the Mystic Grove has been decked out with some spiffy new pots. And the characters around Aegis seemed to find some new goodie bags for their closest of friends. More coming sooOoOoOn!

We continue to appreciate the support from our staff and users ❤️ ?


Howey & Heffrad

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