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Lythbound: Exploration Editor and UI Updates!


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Exploration Editor

Lythians can now create their own realms for exploration, and visit their fellow Lythians' realms as well!

Lythians can canonically create "sanctuary" spaces which are basically small pocket realms, and explorations may be used to create an adventure through these realms. If you would like the adventure to be about that, that is.

If you would like the adventure to be something else, you can do that too!

Areas/Pages may utilize HTML for further customization!

Essentially, this is a choose-your-own-adventure creator that creates an adventure associated with each of your Lythians. When you create these, you can mark them as private until you're ready for the world to see them. Then change them to public and they will be displayed in the Lythian Explorations Index and on that Lythian's profile!

Unlike "Sanctioned Explorations," these explorations do not have system rewards. Please have fun telling stories for others to adventure through!

UI Updates

- "Market" has been added to the navigation, and links related to shops and trade have been moved from Explore to this tab. A new link to owned shops has been added.

- Shop Quickstock can now be used to move multiple items from one's inventory to one's vault.

- Shop Quickstock and Stock Edit have received minor UI updates.

- The "Friend Feed" of your Dashboard will now display when friends have made a new forum post.


Entries for the Haunted Faire's costume contest close at October 22, 2021 23:59:59 EDT! Be sure to enter if you plan to do so.

Have you found any of the hiding Eidolons? They will appear in various places across the site until the end of the month. Work with your fellow Lyth residents to find them!

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