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Eqcetera: Ingot Sale and Mini Update!


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Hello, everyone!


Horse Fable’s development is rolling along smoothly. So much so, we’ve done a bit more spending on art and assets thanks to those who bought forever upgrades! Today, we are opening up an ingot sale to help cover some very exciting developments in HoFa’s release.


To give a quick summary as to what we are looking cover, we have roughly 700 new horse image layers ? , several explore images ?, and backgrounds ? all in the works. Also! Western tack is almost done! Yeehaw! ?


⚙️ Ingot Sale


Ingots are now on sale for up to 35% off! Included in the ingot sale, we have brought back packages which include spectral and magic token sacks. The ingot sale will run from today until October 15th, 11:59 PM EST/ gametime. 


Available Bundles


To celebrate Eqcetera’s final weeks, we have brought back all previous bundles which are up for sale in the ingot store. These bundles include limited-edition reindeer calf, breeders promise, valentine tack sets, and more! 

In the General Store both magic and spectral tokens are also on sale for those who wish to purchase them not in a large bundle.


✉️ HoFa Updates

As a reminder, Horse Fable updates will not be posted to Eqcetera. Instead, they can be accessed through 2 channels: HoFa socials or by signing up for updates on horsefable.com , we suggest both following socials and signing up for emails. Our goal between now and when we launch HoFa is to really concentrate on building the social media channels and increase awareness about HoFa in general. 


We’re planning email updates biweekly or weekly until launch with sneak peeks into some sparkly new features. 

[ Facebook ]      [Instagram ]     [Twitter]

Sign up for email updates at horsefable.com


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



Bedouin and Curly

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