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Sensipets: The Helio Makeover!


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Happy Wednesday, Sensifans!

We really hope you have been having a fantastic week so far! We also hope you have been enjoying the cute Helio fan art submissions... We are really digging the 3D art. Nice perspective on the character.

Just a reminder, the Pocku fan art voting comes to a close tonight at 8pm EST, so make sure you vote for your favorite one while you still can!

Now for our Wednesday makeover, let's look at what the Helio looked like back in the day, compared to what it looks like now!


Fun fact about the Helio, its tail is commonly used to rid itself of pesky little nuisances that it might encounter. Wonder how useful that could be if we had something like that.... ???What do you think about this transformation... and of course, we want to say thank you to @ArtsyAxolotl for their wonderful artwork on the Helio!

Have something cool or exciting you'd like to see or talk about on Sensipets?? Drop a comment below ?

Until next time,

@Heffrad & @Howey

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