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CelestialEquine: Spooky Updates & More!


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Spooky Updates & More!

Spooky season is upon us in the World of Celestia! This update will include previews of new genetic and wearable releases along with some fun development news. Keep reading to learn more!

Spooky Companion - Juju and Ouiji!

Two new feline companions have been discovered in the Companion Forest. These spooky tricksters are sure to be great partners in crime for your favorite Celestial horses. Juju and Ouiji both come in 19 different variations - can you find them all? Be sure to stock up on delicious snacks to lure them in before adventuring to the Companion Forest!


Spooky Previews - October Breed Expansion

It is time for an early teaser! The Klaud breed of the Shadow World has received a genetic makeover including a new set of horns, a facial marking, and goat beard. These genes will be live on October 1st along with recolors of these genetics stocking in the Magic Shop. In addition to these new genetics, the Klaud will receive new body colors, new mane/tail colors, and additional CE original eyes/white markings to allow for more exciting Klaud variations.


Be sure to check out our other CE Original spooky breeds! These are fantastic breeds to cross for players interested in adding a haunted flare to their horses.

Lastly, all of our Spooky Genes from last year will be returning to their respective shops! Here are some fun previews from last year, including the new Cash Shop bone mane and tail set that will release on October 1. This set will also be made into a Spotlight Package for those of you who prefer to collect entire ranges of Cash Shop Genes at a discounted price.

Development Updates -

Aside from new releases, we are hard at work continuing to build out the World of Celestia. Our next upcoming change focuses on the Battle Arena! We are modifying the prize system to include an item for each NPC win. Currently, players only receive an item prize after their first NPC defeat. This change is to give players access to more items! We expect this update to be complete by the end of next week.

After our Battle Arena update, we will continue to focus on bug fixed through the month of October. This includes tweaking of our new player tutorial and other residual bugs reported in our forum area. Please be sure to include as much information as possible in bug reports to ensure we can address them as quickly as possible. Information such as links to where an error occurred, screenshots, and extensive details are very helpful!

Celestial Equine Etsy Shop

Due to the success of our Coloring Book Kickstarter, we have created an official Celestial Equine Etsy shop! We will not advertise Etsy listings on the game or future news posts, but we will add a link to the Etsy Shop to our toolbar. The Etsy shop will contain additional coloring books, enamel pins (pre-orders and ready to ship), stickers and other fun fantasy horse goodies. Be sure to follow our shop to stay in the loop regarding new releases!

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