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Wajas: New Feature: Forum Search


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A much requested feature is finally live: you can now search forum thread titles. This should make it easier to see if someone has already posted about a subject. [site-image id="80"] Using it is pretty straightforward: enter the word or words you want ot search for and click the button. If you want to search for a specific phrase, enclose it in double quotes: "Pup Predictor". Search is not case sensitive, so you can search for Pup, pup pUP or PUP and get the same results. Short common words (like a, an and the) are ignored. If I recall, it only indexes words that are three or more characters long. We really wanted to open it up to search individual posts as well as titles, but searching for posts often dragged down the server for many seconds and slowed things down for everybody. We landed on title search as a useful compromise and we hope you find it useful. Enjoy!

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