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Sensipets: Pet Spotlight of the Week: Pocku


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Afternoon, all!

What a week we had with the Dainen spotlight! We had some interesting lore behind it, as well as some really cool looking fan art submissions. Remember, you have until Wednesday at 8PM EST to vote on your favorite submission!

The good thing about Monday, is that we have a whole new pet to spotlight!! And this week, we are going to take a further dive into the mysterious pet Pocku.


When several Pocku gather together, they come up with clever schemes to outwit their adversaries. Not only can it run very quickly on land, it can swim faster than most sea creatures! Pocku are very wise, they love making friends with humans and they can often be seen giving advice to other creatures. The original origins of the Pocku are somewhat unknown, but they seem to stem from a magical fruit that you can garden. We wonder if anyone has happen to come across this magical fruit ??

And of course! We will be having our weekly fan art contest. We are excited to see what your interpretation is for this mysterious pet! The rules for the contest will be the same as last weeks. All submissions will be due by this Sunday at 8 PM EST and the winner will be decided upon by the most reactions on the post. You'll have until Wednesday, September 29 at 8 PM EST to react to your favorite post. The winner will get a whopping 1,000 tickets to the Ticket Counter PLUS the seed packet that can create this magical pet! Good luck everyone!!!

Talk soon!

@Heffrad & @Howey

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