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Sensipets: The Spookiest Month Is Coming


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Good morning SensiFolks,

The spookiest month is coming and we have some goodies and gags coming with it.

A big focus of ours right now is on stabilizing the site (do not want it going down again), as well as refining some of the awesome features we have (specially with all the feedback we've been receiving). We have some other quality of life updates coming this week and next too!

I am looking for some feedback though - we've heard a LOT about stacking inventory items. Specially with the new seeds coming out. While updating, the reordering concept is becoming tricky. So we wanted to get some feedback from the users about this!

Please respond with one (or more) of the following reactions to help us understand your opinion - or bring up a different opinion by responding to this post in the Forums.

❤️ - I enjoy reordering items in my inventory/vault.

? - I enjoy dragging items to different locations in my inventory/vault.

? - I would like items to stack in my inventory/vault.

- I would like a mass-move tool to move around my items

- I would like to use items on the "my pets" screen instead of inventory.

Really appreciate everyone's opinion and feedback!

More updates VERY soon!


@Howey and @Heffrad

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