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Sensipets: Dainen of the Yesteryears


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Afternoon Sensifolks!

Hope that you are having a fabulous week so far. Only two more days till the weekend!! Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that we have only 4 more hours for you to vote on your favorite Serpens fan art submission. We are right now sitting at a 2 way tie with @TiffyTiff and @Rattlecat Wonder who's gonna take the lead... or is another submission going to grab last minute fandom?? We'll find out at 8 PM EST tonight!

We've already started getting submissions for the Dainen fan art contest and they are ADORABLE! If you haven't had the opportunity to check them out, please go to the contest section in the forums and do so. You'll be pleaseantly suprised!

For today's post, I wanted to show everyone the Dainen art from back in the day. We absolutely love the glow up that @ArtsyAxolotl did for the Dainen! Check it out ?


What do you think about the Dainen's transformation??

One of our favorite personality traits about the Dainen would be it's initial shyness when they meet new people. It is so cute to see them hide behind their owner when introduced to new friends. Don't worry, the shyness is quickly dimenished when they start to play with their new friends!

Hope you have a great rest of the week and happy gardening!!

@Heffrad & @Howey

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