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Topics of interest?


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On 3/12/2017 at 3:13 PM, Digital said:

What topics of interest relating to game development would you guys and gals be interested in learning more about?

Tossing this to the community again (shameless admin bump), now that we have a few more members who might have topics that they would be interested in learning more about.

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I would say, since I personally learned this the hard way, is How to build a trustworthy team and create a good contract.

Other topics could be:

- How expensive is it to start your own game? take this from the mindset of a person who knows nothing about programming or art and just has an idea, take it from a programmers mindset, and take it from an artists/writers mindset

- Building a team - how many people should a team consist of? Is there a preference/difference based on the skills and type of game being produced?

- how about topics about advertising and social media - how to go about it and if its necessary? what if you have a small fan base? etc

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