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Sensipets: Slithering in to Science with Serpens!


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Today as part of Serpens week we took a trip to Bonnie B labs and chatted with Tommi and Cy about their research into our winged friend. We were able to procure a page out of Tommi’s research logs and wanted to share it with you. 

“The Serpens is both fiercely intelligent and insightful. They are often seen as cold or standoffish but this stems from their uncanny ability to sense when they are being tricked. Winning over a Serpens is no easy feat but once you have their loyalty is unmatched. Serpens are often seen off to the side observing their surroundings as opposed to diving in headfirst. Cy is currently working on forming a bond with a newly created Serpens. They have reported “It won’t let me feed it chips.” and “It keeps flying away when I try to hug it.” Needless to say, their progress has been slow. We have noticed that the patterns on Serpens slowly change over time and I am working on an experiment to see how diet and mood effect these changes. Aegis truly is a fascinating island and I am aflutter with excitement to learn all I can from these people and their pets.” 

What do you think of the Serpens new look? Ssssss-spectacular? Sssssss-stupendous? Ssssss-shiny? Let us know! 

Reminder the fan art contest for the Serpens ends this Sunday at 8PM EST. The winner will receive 1000 tickets and my eternal respect. Can’t wait to see what you SensiFolks create! 

Shoutout to @ArtsyAxolotl for their amazing job on the Serpens glow up! 

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