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Sensipets: The Requien Transformation


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Howdy y'all! ?

Hope your week is moving right along. Only two more days till' the weekend!! We thought we would drop in and show everyone the transformation that the Requien had! We have the our Requien from 2015 and the Requine as we know it today ?What do you think about the transformation?


What are those markings, you might be asking???

Well, the Requien's markings have been rumored to date back for hundreds of years. Some believe the shapes and symbols represent the pet's inately deep spiritual sense. With it's undying loyalty, some pet owners look at the Requien as a spirit guide. Others believe that the markings are used for a special type of aerodynamic flight. They use this beautiful pet as a guide in the woods, as they can fly higher than any other animal on Casius. Whether you enjoy the pet's loyalty, cunningness or just the deep mystery behind it's past, having one of the Requiens as a pet will sure be an advantage in any adventure you embark on!

We have received some really good fan art of our beloved Requien, so far. If you have inspiration to draw this pet, we would LOVE for you to enter it into our fan art contest! Remember, you have until Saturday at 8 pm EST to submit your art, and you can submit it in the contest section of the forums. 

Have a great rest of the week!!

@Heffrad & @Howey 

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