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IcePets.com: The Expedition Comes To An End!


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After days of following the flock of Winter Herji, the fog in the Snowslide Mountains begins to settle. Soon enough, Gabrielle and her fellow adventurers are looking at something truly magical -- a never-before-seen location!

Snowslide Mountains Map

The snow and ice glisten beautifully in this valley. Pets and their Companions play together in perfect harmony, and a crystal-clear waterfall rushes in the center of it all.

As the expedition meets the community of Pets in this region, they almost immediately become acquainted. They also learn that many of its inhabitants yearn for something more: their community is small and tightly-knit, but they have always wanted to see it grow and prosper. With such a stunning view and an already-bustling community, the residents of the Snowslide Mountains wonder if they're due for a change...


After the inhabitants of this valley hear of the delicious sweets being sold at Sugar Rush, they insist that she bring a few over to share someday. As a result, Alyson wonders if her shop would benefit from a new location...


Zekari, who runs the humble Welcoming Centre alongside her friend Destiny over at the Adoption Centre, can't help but notice what a warm and welcoming place this location is. Perhaps her Welcoming Centre would feel even more welcoming on a bright and sunny mountainside?


Lahja, owner of the Gifting Centre and Side Room, adores the generous community living in this area. Surely they could benefit from their services?


And finally, Greg -- who owns Frozen Treats -- comes to realize that there's so much more to experience in this world of Terrafrost. Perhaps it's time for him to move on from his business and settle down somewhere...


Although Greg is closing down Frozen Treats, you don't have to worry about missing your favorite chilled desserts. Guillermo, an enterprising Krittle, had been thinking of opening up his own cafe -- perhaps this was the opportunity he'd been waiting for! Though it may be a slight trek, you can now pay a visit to Affogato, Snowslide Mountains' cozy little corner of Terrafrost.

Guillermo is a good friend of Hazel and Alyson, so the two were happy to lend a hand with their friend's new shop. After looking over their stock however; the three of them noticed some overlap in product types. For this reason some changes had to be made. It took a bit of work, but with great effort from these friends - some Items from the Glacial Grocer, Sugar Rush and Affogato have swapped restock locations. For a full list of changes, be sure to check the IcePets Change Log.

In addition, the Ice Box has found itself a nice, little spot in this now-bustling town. That way, it'll be easy to freeze some Items into Ice Cubes while you're out and about!


As a specialist with decades of experience in Snow Jar technology, Gabrielle can't keep her eyes off this waterfall. While she can't put her finger on it, something about it seems strange... So as the other Terrafrostians explore the new location and chat with the locals, Gabrielle decides to take a closer look.

After some investigation, Gabrielle discovers something amazing about this waterfall -- its water is filled with Snow Jar magic!

A local Dabu named Alice approaches Gabrielle. She explains that this waterfall contains a colour never before seen outside of this region -- the Ice Colour?

"But you must be mistaken -- we already have Ice Pets all throughout Terrafrost," Gabrielle says, gesturing to one of the Ice Sharshels who'd come along on the expedition.

"Is that so? Well... our Ice Pets look a bit different," Alice explains. "In fact, it was one of our Ice Pets that led you here in the first place!"

Ice Wulfer

As if on cue, a figure steps out from the crowd of chatting Pets -- a beautiful Wulfer with icy fur.

"Nice to finally meet you, Gabrielle!" the Wulfer says with a smile. "My name is Luna. I caught your expedition in the mountains just a few days ago, but I unfortunately lost track of your group before I could lead you all here -- I'm so happy you've made it safe and sound! I've heard great things about your Snow Jars..."

Gabrielle begins to chat with Luna. She soon discovers that Ice Pets -- the colour unique to this region -- are among the oldest Pets in Terrafrost. They're known for being strong, resilient, and protective of young or weaker Pets.

"In that case," Gabrielle begins, "there probably shouldn't be two Ice Colours. That could quickly get confusing..."

"That's a good point... Perhaps one of us should change our title?" Luna suggests.

Glacial Sharshel

"If you guys were here first, you should get to keep the Ice title -- we'll think of a new, more fitting name!" the Ice Sharshel declares.

And with that, the Ice Pets of the expedition decide to cast a vote.

In the end, the current Ice Pets decide on a new name -- the Glacial Pets!

Because of this change, all current Ice Coloured Pets and Items will be changed to "Glacial" -- but that aside, not much will change regarding this Pet Colour.

Ice AudrilIce Ori
Ice RidixIce Sharshel
Ice WulferIce Traptur
Ice CobronIce Makoat
Ice JakritIce Dovu
Ice DabuIce Trido
Ice XephyrIce Zabeu
Ice NovynIce Krittle
Ice Lugra

Do you have any Pets who'd like to obtain the new Ice Colour? According to Luna, anyone who walks through the new Waterfall has a chance of obtaining it... It doesn't work every single time, though, and to avoid frostbite, each Pet should only attempt once per day. With the great influx of Pets who would love to get an icy new coat of fur, visiting has also been limited to once per hour.

Note: If you are having trouble viewing the new Ice Pets, try a hard refresh with Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac

Empty Ice Snow Jar Ice Snow Jar

Another way to get this unique colour is by getting a Empty Ice Snow Jar. These are scattered all throughout Snowslide Mountains, and you can find them on the ground if you're lucky. If you happen to stumble across one, simply pick it up and bring it to the Waterfall to have it filled! Once you do that, you'll have a single-use Ice Snow Jar on your hands.

Snowslide Mountains Ice Cube

After discovering an area ripe with opportunity and quickly becoming friends with the inhabitants, it's become quite clear -- the Inhabitants of the Snowslide Mountains agree that the region is a simply wonderful place to live.

As a result, they decide to move in and re-establish their businesses and homes in this beautiful new location. The inhabitants are eager to make new friends and experience what the valley has to offer.

Until then, the locals were currently trying to decide on a name for their region. So after some discussion with the expedition members, they all decide that this land will become the new Snowslide Mountains!

Companion Bed Winter Herji Figurine 10 Companions Bed

After bonding with the Winter Herji throughout the journey, Gabrielle -- as well as the other expedition members -- begin to feel a strong connection to these Companions.

Because of this, Companions can now be linked with your Pets! By default, all Pets can have up to two Companions at a time. If you purchase either a Companion Bed or 10 Companions Bed from the I.C.E. Shop, though, your Pet will be able bond with more Companions! There's no limit to how many Companions a Pet can bond with, as long as they have room for them.

Users can also give nicknames to their Companions. Unlike Pet names, these don't have to be entirely unique.

As your Pet bonds with their beloved Companions, there will be a meter on their Pet Profile displaying the time they have spent together. You can detach a Companion at any time, but keep in mind that if you do that, the meter will be reset and they will have to re-bond once again.

Magnifying Glass Cake Pops

Along with these Companions comes a fresh, new look for every Pet's profile! Upon visiting any Pet's page, you'll see that they've all received a sleek coat of paint -- everything from the brand new Pet collection progression bars to the Pet Description box has been updated! You'll also see a comfy space for your Pet's Companions, once they've gotten themselves some pals.

Note: If you had any emojis on your Pet Description, you may see an error where the emojis should be -- simply update your Pet's Description with the emojis again and it should be fixed!

Ice Snow Jar Snowslide Expedition Trophy

Snowslide Expedition Avatar Discovery Avatar

After weeks of hard and determined work, members of the expedition deserve a reward! Everyone who participated in this event will receive:

-One Ice Snow Jar
-A Snowslide Expedition Trophy
-A Snowslide Discovery Avatar
-A Discovery Avatar

These prizes will be distributed gradually throughout the day, so don't fret if you haven't received yours quite yet!

Gabrielle is thankful to everyone who participated in the expedition. Because of your efforts, the inhabitants of the Snowslide Mountains have found a new home filled with friends and opportunities!

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