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Lythbound: Welcome, Symph Pond!


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Hello everyone! We’ve got an exciting announcement today regarding a species you might be familiar with from the past: Symphonies!

We have been speaking with Bun and Sol, the creator-owners of Symphonies (and Lilipeeps) regarding options to bring Symphs back into the world of Lyth. The ultimate result of this is they have generously offered to allow myself (Jackalune) to acquire Symphonies with the intention of Realm of Lyth completely absorbing the world and species and merging the two into one game. I'm absolutely stoked to have this opportunity to bring even more content to a larger community and help grow the world of Lyth and Symphonies together!

For existing Lyth concepts, not much is changing. It's primarily a lot of additions! The intention is to merge in some of the existing Symphony lore, and add on their island continent (Igroven) to our map as an explorable location (where you can use the Symphony currency in their shops!). We would also like to bring in some of their quests and concepts, such as Notes (baby Symphs), and pets (which will be a type of collectible that you can attach to ANY Lythian!).

Symphonies will also be able to take part in any aspect of Lyth that any of our other playable species can. We intend to implement a capturable egg for them so that you can get a free MYO (just like you can an Onini or Shecean, for example). If you already have a Symphony/Lilipeep or Symph inventory, we will also be merging those into Lyth, so you will be able to redeem and keep those on your Realm of Lyth account!

Additionally, our hope is to fully integrate the Symphony community with the Lythian community so please give them a warm welcome! We also have extended the opportunity for their staff and guest artists to stay on with us if they would like, so you may see some new faces in our staff team.

I am super excited to work on merging the world of Symphonies with Lyth and cannot wait to see what cool stories we can come up with in the future!

You can also read their post here, with further information on how Symphony species and inventories will be adjusted for Lyth: "IMPORTANT NEWS :: About the future of the Species "

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