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Lythbound: [EVENT] Turn the Tides


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The tide on the western coast rises… why and what is causing it?

Welcome to Realm of Lyth’s month-long aquatic-themed event: Turn the Tides!
Follow the storyline via 4 week-long event prompts, and help determine the future of Lyth as we know it. Participate in extra activities, and collect new items to unlock additions for your Lythians that are more fitting for the increased water level.


Earn rewards by following the storyline and completing prompts each week. You may complete all of the prompts up until the event ends, but story updates and prompts will only be released once per week.


Each week will have its own rewards, with additional rewards for completing prompts from all 4 weeks. To see more information including guidelines and rewards, visit the storyline page from the event hub.

Design Advent Calendar

To celebrate the event and the month of MerMay, a series of 8 special aquatic-themed designs made by various designers will be released throughout the month.


Previews and more information are available here.

Bottled Messages

Sift through the rising water to find messages and other items from the now-underwater cities of the western coast.


Throughout the event, you can collect a prize once per day by visiting the Bottled Messages page. You may even find some ingredients to make yourself a Water Form Potion for more than one of your Lythians…


With this event comes the live release of crafting! Crafting is a feature in which you may combine your ingredient items to create new items.


You must first discover recipes before you can actually create them. To discover new recipes, use your items on the discover page to attempt to find a recipe. Neither a failed nor successful attempt will take the ingredients from your inventory, however you can only make 3 attempts per day.

Once you have found a recipe, you can craft the item using your ingredients from the main crafting page. Actually crafting a recipe will use up the ingredients in exchange for a new item, so be sure you want to make the new item!

If you find a recipe, feel free to share the combination of ingredients with others!

Free Raffle

And last, but not least, we are holding a free raffle with Lythian design, companion, and item prizes. To gain entries to the raffle, you must advertise Lyth and/or the Turn the Tides event on various social media websites.

You may gain up to 4 entries for the raffle by advertising in various places! To report your entries to us, please us this Google Form, and view all raffle guidelines on this page.

Good luck out there, navigators! Something approaches and it is up to you to help the citizens of Lyth. Remember: your choices have a larger effect on the world around you than you may realize.

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