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Lythbound: Species Updates!


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Hello! We've started rolling out some updates to playable species information today, following the recent Realm overhaul announcements, and in preparation for the baby breeding event coming soon!

The following species have already had their information updated, and the remaining species will be updated shortly: Axomaurs, Chuikhas, Flytes, Gryfons, Haenyms, Igalyphs, Kella Ser, Kuniklovs, and Lagunas

The above species have received updates across the board, and had baby information added. These pages also reference "Origin Story Quests" however those quests are not yet available, but are coming soon!

A "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) section appears on some species pages, where there may be extra relevant questions or information available.

The Location and Story tabs have been removed, in favor of the lore to be provided in upcoming Origin Story Quests.

Haenyms now reference "sects" rather than subspecies. The ability to change this at-will, as mentioned in their FAQ, will be added soon.


Lastly, Sheceans have been changed from a standalone species to a subspecies of Laguna.
To elaborate on this decision:
We wanted to establish their intelligence and reasoning ability to be equal of that of any other species, and additionally we did not necessarily feel that Sheceans had enough of their own species identity to separate them from Lagunas completely. We do not take the decision to combine/"remove" a species lightly, but feel this is the best course of action moving forward for Sheceans in particular.

Regarding existing Sheceans:
Existing Sheceans will have their masterlist and IDs updated to "Laguna - LA##" and have the "Shecean" subspecies added to them (this also means their profile URL will change to the new "LA##" ID). If you own an existing Shecean, you do not need to redesign them and can continue using them with their designs as-is.

As referenced in the updated Laguna species information page, Shecean subspecies Lagunas retain their shell-like sensors and extra limbs, and thus do not need to physically change at all. However, you are also allowed to submit an update to them for free with the new information in mind, if you would like to do so.

The change to existing Shecean masterlist entries will occur next week, to provide time for this information to be seen.

At this time, we do not plan to combine or remove any other species; this change is exclusive to Sheceans/Lagunas.

Thank you so much for your patience as we roll out these updates, and we look forward to revealing the remaining species updates soon!

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