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Lythbound: Realm Exploration is Live!


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The first three realms have been released for unlock! The following information is also always available by viewing the World Map page!

There are many realms out there, which you can access via teleportation, but you must have their Realm Key to open a door there! To obtain said key, you must take your chances with Truffle’s Mysterious Realm Key or realm hop (by completing a General Realm Quest) with someone who already has access in an attempt to get your own.

Each individual Lythian may choose one starter Realm by going to their profile page.

Realm Keys are displayed on the Lythian’s profile, to show off which realms they have access to. Various keys may unlock access to other features just by obtaining them (eg, visiting certain shops) or once you’ve increased your Key Mastery (eg, setting up a guild).
Note: Some of these features are currently openly available (such as guilds), but will be moved behind realm requirements in the future. A warning will be posted prior to this change, to give time to unlock said realms.

At the moment, the 3 realms released are the 3 starter realms, but more are waiting in the wings to be discovered soon!

Each Realm has a series of quests in two categories, which tell a story about the location, or are simply related prompts. Please enjoy exploring the realms!


Regarding upcoming planned compensation for relevant system changes:
Compensation will be dispersed for previously-earned passports (and said passports will be removed from profiles at the same time). The intended compensation is: 1 Mysterious Realm Key item per passport owned by an individual's currently-owned characters.
Compensation will be dispersed for adaptation tickets (ticket items will be removed from inventories at the same time). The intended compensation is: Loonoles equal to the previous shop prices of the items (200/500/1000 Loonoles for rarity 1/2/3 selection tickets, respectively; and 100/250/500 Loonoles for rarity 1/2/3 random tickets, respectively).

The intended timeline is for the compensation to be dispersed and completed by Monday or Tuesday of this coming week (August 31st/September 1st). Thank you for your patience!

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