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Lythbound: Upcoming Item Price Balancing and Miscellaneous Updates


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On November 23rd, 2020, we will be adjusting the NPC shop prices of the following items:

Little Carrot - OLD: 30 Loonoles | NEW: 75 Loonoles
Tea Bag - OLD: 30 Loonoles | NEW: 75 Loonoles
Toy Soap - OLD: 50 Loonoles | NEW: 75 Loonoles

This will only affect purchases on and after November 23rd, so stock up now if you would like to utilize the old pricing.

We are updating these prices based on the current economy, Loonole income/usage, and amount of staff input required for approvals. We love seeing everyone's customized pet designs, but also wish to keep the process of item approval sustainable and balanced, and thus are increasing their NPC cost slightly.

Miscellaneous Updates

- Companions can now be listed for sale in their own section of the Adoptable Marketplace. Listings can be posted via their profile, similar to Lythians, however they won't be listable while under trade cooldown.

- The Information Hub has been added to collect miscellaneous informational pages that might not fit strictly in the navigation.

- Basic NPC information has been added to the Information Hub.

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