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Lythbound: Arcade Rewards Implemented!


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Arcade Updates


A new Arcade game has been added: Lost Bells! (If you're familiar with the popular game 2048, you'll be right at home with this one!)

Monthly high score tables for all users have been added to all games. (No rewards are currently associated directly with being on the high score table; it's just bragging rights!) Additionally, after spending time monitoring sent scores for each of the games, we have implemented currency rewards! You can now earn Loonoles (up to 60 per day total) by playing the arcade games. At the moment, the currency to score ratio for each of the games is as follows:

Ghost Collector: 50 points : 1 Loonole
Star Flyte: 50 points : 1 Loonole
Lost Bells: 1000 points : 1 Loonole

So for example, submitting a score of 162 in Ghost Collector would earn 3 Loonoles, up to the cap of 60 Loonoles. If submitting a score would bring your total amount for the day over 60, you will only receive the amount that brings your total to 60 and the extra will be lost. (But you are free to continue submitting scores for the high score tables and playing the games past that point, if you'd like!)

We will continue to monitor the games and may make adjustments to the score to Loonole ratios as time progresses, based on time taken to earn the maximum, as well as user feedback, etc.

Other Updates

As always, other smaller updates have been implemented across the site. Of note, you may now use your Lythians' alternate forms for their framed images!

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