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Sensipets: Pet Spotlight Of The Week


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Happy Monday!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to learn more about the mystery behind each of our wonderful pets! Each week we will spotlight a pet with cool new images, fan art and lore on the background of each pet. We will also end the week with some interesting lore behind Aegis and a FAN ART CONTEST!! So, without further ado, let's jump into our first pet spolight of the week!






Its thick fur coat protects Prulen from the chilly nights in Aegis. Rumor is, they are originally from much colder climates, elsewhere on Casius. They are expert tree climbers and can smell food hundreds of meters away! Its favorite activities include playing Otchiball with its best friends and cuddling up with its owner. Prulens are very friendly but do not like to share things, and they can get very fussy if another pet tries to intrude on its delicious meal. Although, it has been known that, with training, these majestic pets can share its food with its owner’s favorite pets!

Be on the lookout for more Prulen info and images throughout the week!


Each week we will have a fan art contest at the end of the week, for the spotlight pet of the week. So, what does that mean?? We will be accepting fan art of the Prulen throughout the whole week, and at the end of each week (Saturday by 8pm EST), Howey and I will RANDOMLY pick a winner. (It will be completly random, so everyone who creates fan art will have an equal chance of winning) We will announce the winner of each week on Sunday. What will you win if you get picked?? Well, how about a whopping 1,000 tickets to the ticket counter!! (Have ideas for an amazing prize for our fan art contest? Drop a comment below and let us know!) How do you submit your wonderful artwork?? Two different ways, one is using the two hashtags together: Prulen & Sensipets (#Prulen #Sensipets) on any social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr) and we'll be able to find it, or upload it in the CONTESTS Forum for the specific pet of the week. (If you have issues with uploading it, then message us on Discord or send us an email at [email protected]) Make sure to use your creativity and show us YOUR version of the Prulen!! 

Good Luck, Everyone!! ?

@Heffrad & @Howey

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